Demolition was started in March.
Lead paint
Back right Br
Living room
Dining room
Tom, Hillar &
Gabe next door
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Laundry room
Was old porch
And the walls came down!
Basement entrance from
From middle br looking
Toward living and front
Back right br
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Termite damage
Termite damage was extensive
All of the floor joists were removed in the back. The rest of the supporting walls were removed. Harry built a support structure out of 2x4s to hold the house up
Puppies in their new
Back yard!
Back of the house interior walls and floor completely gone!
From crawl space (under back bedroom) towards kitchen over basement
From crawl space toward front bedroom
From crawl space toward dining room over basement
May June
Ram jack. - lift up sinking foundation
Stone cracked around window
The front bedroom floor was ripped out as well to make rebuild easier.